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Legal Notice

Legal statement

This website is created and operated by FOSHAN NANHAI EIFOVE CERAMICS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "EIFOVE CERAMICS"). Anyone who enters the website, reads any content, makes user registration, downloads any material from the website or uses the information provided by this website, agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions. These terms constitute an agreement between EIFOVE CERAMICS and you. Do not use this website unless you agree to abide by these terms. EIFOVE CERAMICS reserves the right to update the following terms without notice, and these updates will also bind you. At any time, under any circumstances, EIFOVE CERAMICS have the right to deny any user access to and use this site.

EIFOVE CERAMICS reserves the right to correct, revise or update this statement at any time.

Copyright notice

EIFOVE CERAMICS has the copyright of all the information related to the website, or the copyright of the information in this web site. Without the clear written permission of EIFOVE CERAMICS, no one shall copy or otherwise mirror the contents of any part of this web site.

The domain name, trademark, text, visual and audio content, graphics and images contained in this website are subject to the legal protection of the trademarks and copyrights concerned. Without the approval of the EIFOVE CERAMICS in advance, no enterprise or individual may copy or pass in any form. Any unauthorized use of this website will violate the copyright law of the People's Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, as well as the provisions of the relevant international conventions.

If you have any infringement of the text, video, graphics and images used in this website, please contact us promptly. This website will immediately change the contents of the infringement.

Exemption clause

The contents of this website, we do not provide any form of express or implied on the content validity, timeliness, validity, stability, availability, does not infringe the rights of others and other guarantees; does not guarantee the stability of the server, does not guarantee that you can browse, read, copy, use of this website at any time; does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content of the website contains text, graphics, materials, links, notes, statements or other matters, does not guarantee that the contents of this website are not print, copy and other input error. EIFOVE CERAMICS can change the content of this website at any time without further notice.

The risks and risks associated with the use of this web site will be borne by the user. In any case, any direct, indirect, incidental, to third people for losses due to the use of the contents of this website or not to enter this website (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of data information, destruction of property loss), this website all without any liability.

Protect user's right of privacy

We respect the privacy of the vast numbers of users and we do not collect user information without user consent. We promise not to sell or deliver to any third party without the user's permission, for the user's name, e-mail, information and address.

EIFOVE CERAMICS will not publish or disseminate any information registered by the user on this site, except as follows:

1. obtain prior user's explicit authorization;

2. in accordance with the court or arbitral institution's decisions or rulings, and other judicial procedures;

3. in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;

4. user's violate the provisions of the terms of use, or other acts of damage to EIFOVE CERAMICS;

5. other relevant laws and regulations.

If the user want to use this website after registration required to provide service, should agree to the following: prompted by the web service registry provides you the latest information, true, correct and complete, and update the registration information, to ensure that it is true, correct and complete information, the latest. If you provide any false, untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading information, or this website has reason to suspect that the information is false and untrue, outdated or incomplete or misleading, this site has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and you refuse to use now and in the future this website provides services to all or any part of.

Links to this site

If you wish to make a link to this website, please contact us. You can link to this website after you have obtained written permission from the EIFOVE CERAMICS.

After the establishment of links, such as EIFOVE CERAMICS, according to the objective situation is no longer appropriate when the link, the right to cancel the license on the link.

In the link to this site, please be sure to use text links (without the written permission of the party to prohibit the use of EIFOVE CERAMICS pattern and text link); click on the web link to set to open another window display form, cannot be displayed in the framework of internal links website.

Links to other websites

The sites outside EIFOVE CERAMICS linked by this website are not under the management of EIFOVE CERAMICS. For any damage incurred by accessing other linked websites through the Eifove Ceramic website, the EIFOVE CERAMICS shall not bear any responsibility. When accessing a link site, follow the terms of use of its link site and the relevant laws and regulations.

EIFOVE CERAMICS for convenience only and provide other access links, is not used to link to the website and publish goods / services are recommended, does not mean that the link to the site and EIFOVE CERAMICS, a joint collaboration between individuals, such as special relationship, are not recognized or bear said EIFOVE CERAMICS the content of the website or other use of responsibility.

The use of this site download resources

If any download is performed from this site, the user shall comply with all license terms in the relevant license agreement carried by the resource. No one may download or install the station's resources prior to reading and accepting the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

Virus exemption clause

Anyone who enters, uses, or visits a EIFOVE CERAMICS website is infected with the virus and does not accept any responsibility for the ceramics. Through Eifove Cermaics link to third party sites, while infected with the virus, EIFOVE CERAMICS do not assume any responsibility.

Termination clause

The termination of the cost agreement shall be terminated whether or not you have destroyed all the software, documents and all relevant materials obtained from this website, whether or not you are under the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement or otherwise.

The application and jurisdiction of law

Any dispute or dispute concerning the declaration of this website and website shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. Any dispute concerning the declaration of this website and website shall be under the jurisdiction of the people's Court of the place where the ceramics party is located. If the amendment to the laws of the People's Republic of China makes any of the above terms illegal, the parties will agree to amend the above terms by the EIFOVE CERAMICS.

The right to interpret this statement and the right to interpret the use of this web site are attributed to the EIFOVE CERAMICS.

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